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I went a long time in my life not understanding the value of wonder. I understood knowledge, logic and enjoyed a certain sense of control in my life. As I've matured, I now see awe and wonder as critical components to living a life guided by wisdom. 

I've been particularly happy to see a ton of people finding that wonder in these strange times. The wonder of watching a loaf of bread rising, of seeing those first plant tendrils growing in the garden, of the infinite varieties of color the sky is able to produce on a whim. 

Mike and I have purposely reprogrammed ourselves to place this sense of wonder as a center component of our lives, both professionally and personally. Whether we are walking well-worn trails traversed by those that arrived before us, or forging new paths of our own, we make time each and every day here on the island to explore, to roam, to wonder and to feel that huge sense of awe and gratitude about it all.

When we allow ourselves to both wander and wonder, to seek escape from all of the mental chatter of fear and doubt and to dial down the constant stream of information in our world today, we give ourselves the space to grow, to discover ourselves, to allow for new ideas, new methods, new creative outlets. 

It's in the wonder, and creating space for the unknown, that we grow and that we leave room for possibility. And the greatest possibility of all is to create our lives intentionally. To disconnect from the external pendulums of circumstance and to re-align ourselves with what we really want. When was the last time you took the time to really even wonder what it is you want? It's a seemingly innocuous invitation, with unlimited potential.

From our family to yours, happy making.