When Mike and I first met 19 years ago, sea kayaking in Baja Mexico, we knew that we were meant to be together. We both share a love for discovery, looking to the horizon at what's next and generally having an awesome time. I guess you could say that discovery is what speaks to our nature - finding the new, forging our own paths, listening to what is "calling to us" and following those little nudges from the universe.

Our journey has taken us down surprising yet fulfilling paths. From buying our first home together in San Diego to launching a successful photography business and founding Lavalu - the first photo editing company for professional photographers in the US, then relocating and creating a thriving life for our family in Oregon, before discovering our forever home here on Orcas Island. 

As for many, if not all of us, 2020 has been a year of re-evaluating where we are headed. We originally had plans for a new venture - a retail store carrying handmade leather goods and other local vendors from our community, but the pandemic had other plans. During this unprecedented time in our world, we found great comfort in our leather crafting. Not only did it offer us calm, and healing in some ways, but it also gave us a new way of creating, another way to connect with our kids and a new adventure in crafting for our neighbors and friends. It was from there that we realized we were not the only ones that enjoyed crafting and realized that these DIY leather kits could bring some joy and peace to others during this time.

And excitedly, we arrive here... Orcas Island Leather Goods. Handmade leather goods created by you for you, your friends and your family.

From our home to yours, happy making!
~Mindy and Mike