Starter Hand Stitching Kit


Ready to get started with your first kit? Not sure where to start or need a little extra help and instruction? This kit was designed for YOU!

This DIY hand-stitching kit includes 3 small projects to gently walk you through all the skills you'll need to be an expert hand-stitcher. First, you'll start with the mini heart so you can try your first saddle stitches. Then you'll complete a Turtle keychain to show off your new skills!

Then you'll move on to your third project, the adorable mini-catchall, so you can learn and practice the gorgeous cross stitch (A.K.A. Corset Stitch.)

Everything you need is included - pre-cut leather, plenty of thread, and 2 needles. From home you'll need to provide a pair of scissors to cut the thread and a lighter (or even a match) to melt your thread ends. 

Upgrade to the "Deluxe" Kit and we'll also include a full Cascade Minimal Wallet Kit in a surprise color combination - a $39 in itself!

After completing this project you will feel supremely confident to tackle absolutely any DIY hand-stitching kit you'd like to create - the sky's the limit!


Your Heart Kit will come in Black & Red with Red Thread
Your Turtle Kit will come in a surprise combination of colors
Your Mini Catch-All Kit will come in Earth
Default Thread included with these kits is Dark Brown