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How To Hand Stitch (Start By Clicking Right Here!)

How To Hand Stitch (Start By Clicking Right Here!)

Pardon Our Dust! Our new (fancier!) How-To Video Website should be fully operational by mid-May. In the meantime, the videos you need are all here, and we are here to help EVERY step of the way. Can't find what you are looking for? simply email mindy@orcasislandleather.com and we will get RIGHT back to you. 

Learning how to measure your thread, thread your needles and how to corset or saddle stitch are the same for every project.

But we DO have kit specific videos to walk you through the individual steps for your specific project too! To find those, navigate back to the "How-To" Videos main page, and look under the category of your kit (Wallets, Bags, Home Goods, etc).

Some newer kits might have videos a little harder to find right now - please reach out for help!! mindy@orcasislandleather.com

New Videos:







Original (Old) Videos:

If you are new to us and ready to start your first OILG kit, this is the first video to watch to get started!

If you are completing a project that features a Cross Stitch, such as our Madrona Tote or Catch-All Trays, you'll want to watch this video next: