Beth's Board Kit

$199.00 $249.00

We all fell in love with Beth Harmon, and I imagined... What if I were to give her a gift? A custom board to match her fierce design aesthetic. A labor of love - I think she would have liked it. 

Ten square feet of the highest quality leather are used to create this nearly 4 pound masterpiece. Prepare to stitch over 200 feet of thread. This project is not for the faint of heart. 20+ hours of stitching time. 

This is a standard, full-sized board at 20" x 20". Made up of 2.25" diameter squares and a 1 inch border on all sides. 

Like all our DIY kits, this board ships with everything you need. Pre-cut leather, plenty of extra thread, needles and detailed video instruction. This beast isn't any more difficult than our other kits, but there is a little extra brain power required when figuring out how to work with such a large, heavy piece (hint, hang the part you're working on off the edge of a table) and puzzling skills to choose your thread paths. 

As always, we'll be here to help every step of the way. Learning chess though is up to you. 

Pieces shown are for demonstration purposes only and are not included.